11 year old Izzy Tighe earns her Foundation Licence for Amateur Radio

 September 04 2018

Hi, my name is Izzy Tighe. I am eleven years old and I have just earned my Foundation Licence for amateur radio!

Now I can communicate with other amateur radio enthusiasts around the world using my call sign M6IST. I was inspired by STEM Ambassador John Hislop (G7OHO) when he came to my school, St Joseph’s Primary school, to teach about Astronomy and Space. He also helped me a lot when it came to studying for my licence. I was inspired too by 13 year old Lauren Richardson (2E0HLR) because she is a great role model for girls who want to get into amateur radio. It wasn’t easy but I am so pleased that I did it!

Leading up to the exam I did a lot of fun activities, such as sending message to the International Space Station using a Raspberry Pi computer, HF radio contact with Kevin Richardson (G0PEK) from the Manston Spitfire Museum, Arduino Fun with my friend Freya Scholefield and the rest of the STEMettes club. I even showed grammar school boys how to make traffic lights using LEDs and an Arduino. My goal now is to inspire other young girls to go for their licence.

73,(which means ‘best wishes’ in amateur radio speak!)
Izzy Tighe