Radiation protection supervisor training

Wednesday 03 July 2019 - 9.30am - 3.30pm

Duke of York Royal Military School, Dover, CT15 5EQ

Cost: £150

Every school or college that keeps radioactive sources must have a designated Radiation Protection Supervisor. CLEAPSS believes that this should be a teacher and it is an essential that this person is trained. A CLEAPSS Adviser will lead this course. It includes numerous practical demonstrations with the relevant safety points embedded within them, and answers questions frequently asked on the CLEAPSS Helpline. There are opportunities to raise issues and to ask specific questions.

This hands on one-day course is for the school Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS), i.e. the person responsible for managing the safe storage, use and monitoring of radioactive sources in the science department. The RPS will normally be a member of the teaching staff, often the Head of Physics. However any teacher or technician who handles radioactive sources will also benefit.

The course includes practical hands on experiences to improve confidence and knowledge when handling radioactive materials. It aims to provide answers to questions frequently asked on the CLEAPSS helpline and provides opportunities for delegates to raise issues and ask specific questions.
The course is based on the CLEAPSS guide L93 Managing Ionising Radiations and Radioactive Substances.


• Participants must be CLEAPSS members (from schools/colleges that subscribe to CLEAPSS).

• Technicians are welcome to attend alongside the teacher identified as RPS for their school.

• Please book early. CLEAPSS will cancel if less than 12 have booked two weeks before the event.

Attendees will be eligible for a £50 bursary from Pfizer Ltd (discount reduced at booking)

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